Saturday, August 10, 2013

Parent Communication

This month's ASHA Leader has a nice article about trying new things and making your New (School) Year's Resolutions.

This school year, I plan to improve my methods of parent communication.  It is essential to my students' progress to have parents who are invested in encouraging their communication growth.  Development occurs much more slowly when parents are not involved in activities that promote improved speech and language skills.

One method I plan to implement this school year is to provide weekly progress notes to my students' parents.  With a large caseload, this task seems a bit daunting.  However, I have created a few forms to help make this project much less time consuming.  These forms contain text fields and drop-down boxes to help you complete your parent letters in an efficient manner.

The four forms may be downloaded here.  Be sure to open the forms in Word in order to fill in the blank fields.  Once completed, your form will look something like this:

The wonderful thing about this method is that you can email the completed forms to your students' parents if they have access (just another way to save a few trees)!

How do you maintain communication with parents?

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  1. I love this idea of being paperless! However, when I tried to click on the link, it didn't work. :( -- Fellow school SLP